Ill Health Retirement Assessment In Manchester


Ill Health Retirement Assessment In Manchester

At EOMC, we offer comprehensive Ill Health Retirement assessments (IHR) at our clinic in Manchester. When you suffer from ill health, and it impacts your ability to work, our professionals can help.

All services are tailored to employer’s individual requirements. Our assessments are very thorough, and we can offer our support and advice. For more information about our Ill Health Retirement assessments at our Manchester clinic, call EOMC on 020 8688 3430.

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When do You Need an Assessment?

Employers must make reasonable adjustments for workers who are disabled or have a chronic health condition. However, there may be times when a return to work isn’t possible and Ill Health Retirement is the only option.

If an employee is a member of a relevant pension scheme, then they may be able to apply for an Ill Health Retirement. At EOMC, we offer a thorough assessment for a list of pension schemes, and we are always available to offer our support. Each pension scheme will have different medical criteria that must be met to obtain the pension under ill health. We offer this service with experienced Doctors who are registered with a range of schemes.

Although our process is thorough, applications are frequently turned down by the Pension Trustees. There are a few things that need to be considered before an application is made. Applications can fail due to:

  • Not all reasonable work adjustments have been investigated.
  • Not all reasonable medical treatments have been completely explored.
  • The individual can undertake a different role.

For more information about applying for an Ill Health Retirement Assessment, feel free to contact the team at EOMC.

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Other Services

At EOMC, we offer a wide range of comprehensive Occupational Health services at our Manchester clinic. All services can be tailored to employers’ specific requirements and are available at your convenience. Some of our services include:

  • Fitness to Work Assessments
  • Travel & Drug Screening
  • Nationwide & Workplace Services

Our sister company, Everwell Occupational Health Ltd, has wide network of Occupational Health Physicians across the country. This enables us to also offer support to more remote sites or employees. Services can be provided from our clinic, remotely (telephone), locally and nationwide.

To find out more about how EOMC can help you, visit our Facebook page.

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Occupational Health Professionals

If your Ill Health Retirement assessment is unsuccessful or is not appropriate at the moment, EOMC can offer support with a standard Occupational Health Assessment. Our assessments are performed by a Physician or Nurse Adviser. They aim to recommend suitable workplace adjustments to employers, to make it a safer environment for employees affected.

Each of our Occupational Health reports are tailored to individual employees and their circumstances. These reports provide management with an expert medical opinion and information to make the appropriate decisions.

EOMC is led by 2 highly qualified Occupational Health Physicians supported by a fantastic team of experienced Advisors and Nurses. Our Manchester clinic is fully equipped to deliver assessments to large and small organisations of all sectors.

Please note that our assessments are not normally intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes, however our professionals can suggest employees discuss with their own medical practitioners.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact EOMC.

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Contact EOMC In Manchester

To discuss the arrangement of an Ill Health Retirement assessment at our Manchester clinic, contact EOMC. We also have a range of other services available. All services are comprehensive and offered at a competitive price, effectively helping employers in the process.

Call us today on 020 8688 3430.

Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form. Our team offers a fast response.