Occupational Health Assessments


Occupational Health Assessments

An Occupational Health Assessment (or Management Referrals) is a medical assessment performed by an Occupational Health Physician (or Nurse Adviser) with an aim of addressing health related capability or similar questions raised by the employer. Its primary aim is to advise management regarding the employee’s health issue, to offer an expert medical opinion and to make recommendations on what adjustments or actions could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for that employee. It can also be an assessment of somebody’s fitness to work safely, perhaps after returning to work after a substantial health issue.

Each Occupational Health report will be tailored to the individual employee and circumstance but it is likely to include advice on the effects of medical condition itself, prognosis and likelihood of recovery, what adjustments could be considered, and similar. The aim of the report is to inform Management, provide a professional medical opinion and give sufficient information to enable the employer to make any onward decisions with appropriate knowledge.

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Manage Your Sickness Absences

EOMC can support you in managing your sickness absence by providing a flexible range of services including the core service of Occupational Health Assessments. Our Occupational Health Physicians and Nurse Advisers are available for both face-to-face or telephone consultations.

Services can be provided from our clinic, remotely (telephone), locally and nationwide through an established network of Occupational Health Professionals.

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Ill Health Retirement Medical Assessments

Ill Health Retirement (IHR) assessments are subtly (but importantly) different to a more standard Occupational Health or Fitness to work Assessment. Once somebody has been deemed unfit for a role then an IHR assessment reviews the medical and Occupational Health evidence and compares this to the criteria laid down by the pension rules. The Assessing Doctor then presents this evidence (in a method laid down by the Pension Rules – each scheme has slightly different approaches) and offers an opinion to the Pension Scheme trustees. The Trustee’s decide the outcome after considering all inputs (not just the medical evidence).

The process can be very involved and requires the gathering of the necessary evidence (medical and Occupational Health), making the assessment and then offering an opinion in the required format. It is important the doctor is knowledgeable about each scheme’s criteria and therefore they normally need to be registered with the pension scheme. At EOMC we can offer this service with experienced Doctors registered with a range of schemes.

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