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Occupational Health Assessments across the UK

Through our larger partner, Everwell, we can arrange an Occupational Health Assessment or referral examination for your employees anywhere throughout the UK.  We have Occupational Health Doctors located in all the major towns & cities who we can call upon at short notice to conduct an Occupational Health Assessment and subsequently prepare a Management report.  We are happy to arrange a one-off referral for a member of staff or to set-up a larger sickness absence support programme for a larger workforce. We can arrange for the Occupational Health Assessments to be carried out at work, via a telephone consultation or at the Occupational Health Doctor’s premises.

So whether you require one or more referrals and/or workplace assessments we can help you arrange these in a timely and professional manner.

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Occupational Health Management Reports

We can guide you through each step of Occupational Health Assessment process and help at every stage. When broken down into core elements, the process is essentially very simple:

  1. You need to gain the consent of your employee and they need to understand why you are requesting the consultation with Occupational Health.
  2. Through our on-line portal, you complete a referral form (employee details, why, what, type questions) so the OH professional can be prepared and be in a position to address your questions.
  3. We can triage each case and discuss/agree with you the most appropriate review process.
  4. The appointment/consultation is arranged and takes place.
  5. We gain employee consent for release of reports.
  6. The Occupational Health report is prepared and issued.

We are happy to arrange for these Occupational Health Assessments as either part of a larger contract or simply as a one-off arrangement.

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